And so it begins.

I am sitting at the end of 2017, looking toward 2018 when a new start begins and Oaklands Plus Ltd will be founded and this site will be launched.

In truth though this is just the latest part of a journey which started about 17 years ago and has seen my interest in first aid provision and education grow to this point today.

Why take this step? The honest answer is because I can, my life and career to date has equipped me with the resources to run a business doing something I am passionate about. I have been providing first aid training for many of the last 17 years first to scouts and cubs and then through British Heart Foundation Courses and finally to an CPR and AED course which I developed myself.

It is my aim to continue providing free CPR and AED to local groups because as a Community First Responder for South Coast Ambulance service I am very aware of the importance bystander CPR and AED can be in saving a life. Along side this I will be providing certificated courses in compliance with HSE regulations, first aid support to low risk events and bespoke first aid course as requested.

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