Everton & Lymore Social Club Limited

“To whom it may concern,
I am writing a statement which will help decision maker’s who wish to arrange training for members of the community, who would like to learn how to use effectively the new range of Defibrillators available for public use.
We managed to be donated a CPR kit from the British Heart Foundation and a Defibrillator provided by Hordle Parish council has been fitted at the Everton Village store.
We then contacted Mr Jonathan Dowe and his team at the Lymington and Sway First Responders Group.
Mr Dowe and his team have demonstrated the CPR techniques to more than fifty people from Everton Village, usually with a class size of around twelve people. Presently, we are arranging for future demonstrations.
We have found Jonathan and his team good to work with, and very professional.
We would recommend Jonathan and his team to all those wishing to learn new skills in saving life.”

Best Wishes,

Roger John Hockham
Chairperson for Everton & Lymore Social Club Limited.