Imberhorne School

“My wife tracked down Jonathan when we were struggling to secure the British Red Cross and the St Johns Ambulance to support Imberhorne Schools student led ‘Christmas Market’ in December 2017.

When we looked at the cost of a private first aid provision to add to our risk assessment we were flabbergasted at the prices we were quoted as most were touching £500 to cover first aid provision for our three hour event.
Jonathan, our local hero on the night, not only provided first class customer service and a level of assurance second to none but was good fun and by the end of the night was more of a friend than a supplier and I’m pleased to say that we didn’t actually have to take advantage of his skill set on the night but he was there on hand for the duration of our event if required.
We have found our first rate first aider and will be using him at all our public events in the future.
Thank you Jonathan for making the potentially difficult part of our event planning so hassle free and great value for money and doing it as if you were part of the school community.
All best wishes and see you at our summer garden party”
Tim Thompson
Teacher of Business, Computing and Enterprise